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Do we offer motor insurance products which include repairment at auto repair service centres ?

We only offer motor insurance products which include repairment at general garages. Auto repair service centres are very costly, and by using general garages instead, we can in turn keep your insurance premiums relatively low and still fix your vehicle to a high standard. Our garage network spans across the nation to offer you convenience wherever you may be.

Can you pay your insurance premium in instalments ?

Yes! You can via credit card. For most of our products, you can choose to pay in monthly instalments within a 3-month or 6-month period depending on the terms & conditions set by the bank tied to your credit card.

What should you do if you are unsure whether your motor insurance policy has expired or not, and also what type of insurance it is ?

Once you have purchased a motor insurance policy with us, we automatically send out a confirmation text message (SMS) to the phone number you registered. The details enlisted include the motor insurance type, coverage period, as well as the age and brand of the car. Furthermore, we will send another SMS one month before your policy expires as a gentle reminder, so that you can renew and stay protected.

What should you do if you suffer a car accident ?

You should immediately contact us at 02-253-4141. Gather and relay to our official all initial and key information possible on the cause and location of the incident. Then, collect any further evidence and witness information possible to help verify the situation.

If there are any injured persons, quickly let us know and/or call emergency services (Dial 911).

How long does it take for one of our officers to get to the accident scene ?

Everytime you report an accident to us, we do our best to reach the accident scene as quickly as possible. Our standard is set to within 30 minutes for the Bangkok Metropolitan region. Whilst one of our officers is on their way to take care of you, our team will consistently be in touch to stay updated on any progress and make sure that you receieve the relevant advice.

Where can you find a garage to fix your car?

Our garage network spans across Thailand to provide you convenience wherever you may be. Currently, we have more than 170 garages, all of which operate to a high service standard and integrity. Check your nearest garage here

If you would like to use a garage outside of our network, just let us know and we will coordinate with your chosen garage.

Where can you file a claim?

At any one of our 35 or more branches across Thailand. Check your nearest branch here

What documents do you need to file a claim for medical expense and compensation for motor compulsory insurance?

In the case of injury (for initial medical expense & additional medical expense)

  1. Medical receipt from clinic / hospital
  2. Copy of national ID / foreign ID / passport
  3. Doctor's note (in the case of loss of limb or disability)
  4. Copy of surveyor's report
  5. Proof of liability from driver of insured car

In the case of loss of life
  1. Copy of death certificate and other proof as confirmation of being victim from the accident
  2. Copy of surveyor's report
  3. Proof of medical expense & doctor's note (in the case of having initially received medical treatment prior to loss of life)

We may ask for other supporting materials to complete your claim. For more information, click Claims Compensation