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Roadside Assistance 24 Hr

We provide special service for you, our valued customer, in the form of 24-hour roadside assistance nationwide. This additional service assists you when your vehicle suffers a mechanical failure that leaves you stranded on the road. Services include towing, battery service, flat tire service, fuel delivery, lockout service, and technical advice. Most of our voluntary motor insurance plans include this service for free, giving you that extra confidence on the road.
  1. Towing free within the first 25km (you have to cover the cost at 25 Baht per km thereafter) unlimited usage
  2. Battery service unlimited usage
  3. Flat tire service unlimited usage
  4. Fuel delivery once a year and a maximum of 5 litres, in the case that the vehicle cannot run due to empty fuel only. For the next usage, consultation and coordination are free, but you have to cover the cost for fuel.
  5. Lockout service: we can either send an agent to take your spare key to you free within the first 25km (you have to cover the cost at 25 Baht per km thereafter) or we can coordinate with a locksmith/specialist to solve the problem (you have to cover the cost of the locksmith/specialist) unlimited usage
  6. Technical advice unlimited usage, in the case of vehicle breakdown only

Vehicle broken down? Call 02-305-4492