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Vision / Mission


Here at Thai Pattana Insurance PCL, each and everyone of us believe that ultimately “Service that is exceptional, quick, fair and continuous” is most key from an insurance company.


From all the experience and expertise we have attained over the past 70 years or so, we know deep in our hearts that an insurance company that can truly take care of its customers must have company branches and employees spread out sufficiently nationwide in order to best co-ordinate and service. Other than the headquarter, only company branches have the authority to deal with the police, hospital, garage, OIC and other related parties.


Upon this vision, we have over 30 branches and 250 employees across Thailand at present, with particular expertise in motor insurance. This gives us the capability to personally take care of our customers, agents and other related parties under a single service standard.


It is our future goal that we will expand the number of company branches to the point where we will have a “Branch in every city in Thailand”. But we will grow organically to ensure that the company upholds its financial stability.